Quick Facts
  • A World Religion
    The Bahá'í Faith is the second fastest growing and second most widely spread religion. Bahá'í International Community is a U.N. non-governmental organization.
  • Unity
    Bahá'ís work toward building a new world civilization which features unity, justice, equality of rights, cooperation and universal education.
  • Bahá'u'lláh, "The Glory Of God"
    Bahá'u'lláh is the Manifestation of God for today. He sacrificed vast wealth and suffered 40 years of imprisonment and exile to reveal God's Message to us.
Contact Info
  • Community message line
    ph: (208)366-4377
    email: jtpawlowski@gmail.com
Who Are We?
Bahá'ís are followers of Bahá'u'lláh, who we believe is the Promised One of all religions. The Bahá'í Faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all the races and peoples of the world in one universal Cause and one common Faith.

Contact Us

  • The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Boise
    P. O. Box 585
    Boise, Idaho 83701

  • Boise Spiritual Assembly Secretary: Elham Marder
    email: elhamkm@gmail.com

  • Boise Information: Karen and Ross Koenig
    ph: (208) 424-0752
    email: kandrkoenig@q.com

  • Ada County Information: Sandi Augsburger
    ph: (208) 629-0814
    email: sandilee@cableone.net

  • Caldwell Information: the Chevarria's
    ph: (208)459-2247
    email: gwen_chavarria@hotmail.com

  • Emmett Information: Joe and Cindy Cowman
    ph: (208) 365-6510

  • Meridian Information: Helen Thorpe
    ph: (208) 629-0831
    email: hithorpe9@yahoo.com

  • Nampa Information: Louard Crumbagh
    ph: (208)465-7466
    email: crumbaghl@wwdb.org

  • Ask a question or comment on this website
    J. Thomas Pawlowski
    email: jtpawlowski@gmail.com